May 2018

The Ramonas + Divieto Assoluto

8 maggio 2018

As the name suggests, The Ramonas are an all female tribute to the iconic New York Punk Rock band Ramones.

Originally conceived back in 2004 with multiple different lineups, The Ramonas have evolved into a fully fledged, razor sharp live band in their own right! Touring, Touring is never boring and these girls are guaranteed to play high energy, full throttle one hour shows that'll leave you buzzing for more of that 1976 spirit. These four lovable cretins rarely even stop for a quick sip of water and a hello…. It's 1234 and they're onto the next hit, and the great thing is that they do it all in their own unique way…. wherever they play, from the UK to Europe to the USA!

Some say playing the Ramones tunes is easy, but capturing the vibe and essence of such a well loved band mixed with the required speed, stamina and endurance is no mean feat.. Cloey, Pee Pee, Rohnny & Cammy are definitely here to stay! Gabba Gabba HEY!!!

Since 2016 the girls have also been releasing their own original material. Their 2017 debut album ‘First World Problems’ and 2016 EP ‘You Asked For It’ are out now via their website and iTunes etc!
See you on the road!
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2TbEDTt8mL6wtBP6YkO7gA

Vocals – Cloey Ramona (Lisa Breyer)
Guitar – Rohnny Ramona (Maxine Cahill)
Bass & Vocals – Pee Pee Ramona (Victoria Smith)
Drums – Cammy Ramona (Camille Phillips)

Brandafeu / Monsieur De Rien / T.man.faya/ Monkey Sound/ Cooli

12 maggio 2018

Come tutti i fine stagione non poteva mancare il:

Un calderone musicale con gruppi eterogenei ma tutti con lo stesso obbiettivo, farvi viaggiare!!!

i nostri spiriti guida saranno:
Brandafeu // combat-folk
Monsieur De Rien // canzonette
T.Man.Faya // alternative, grunge
Monkey Sound // funk, jazz e banane
Coolinaria Moovement Crew // Soul, Funk, Disco, Reggae e presa bene!!!

Allacciatevi le cinture che presto inizierete a vedere i pipistrelli anche voi!!!

Entrata con contributo libero e tessera ARCI
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Se arrivate da Cavallermaggiore, entrando in Savigliano, dopo il cinema cinecittà, ci trovate sulla destra prima della rotonda e del supermercato IN’S. Se arrivate da qualche altra parte boh, andate verso Cavallermaggiore e poi tornate indietro.
Altrimenti cercateci con il navigatore che fate prima. Circolo arci Mezcal su Google Maps.